"Vegan Wine respecting the nature"

Since the 2014 grape harvest Paolo Ghislandi, owner of “Cascina i Carpini”, decided to start the process to obtain the vegan certification for his wines by not using animal products. For examples he is using the Bentonite, a clay mineral, for clarifying wine.

The winery aims to create and maintain the ideal conditions to spontaneously get a healthy ripening of the grapes and their transformation in wine.

Every choice is made to respect the biodiversity of the product, protecting what nature gave us and preserving the balance and the wellness of the ecosystem in which the winery is hosted. This is the philosophy that drives the winery toward a non-conventional agriculture by using an holistic approach characterized by an unconditioned respect for the nature.

The holistic philosophy perfectly adapts to the Colli Tortonesi's area, which is rich of different  microclimates, all very specific, where the wines produced are deeply connected to their territory.

Paolo Ghislandi says: ”before starting the winery and plan its vineyards, we mesured any scientifically measurable aspect. We observed any humanly observable feature and we “listened” and “felt” the soul of this land. Thanks to these studies we proceed with the vinification maintaining the ideal conditions so that the grape shows its natural characteristics directly in the glass”.


Cascina I Carpini follows the spontaneous fermentation, renouncing filtrations, clarifications and stabilisation. The wines enter the market only when the natural process is finished.


Frazione San Lorenzo, Pozzol Groppo, 15050 (AL) - Tel. +39 0131 800117 - fax 0131 1859657

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